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How it works


has the biggest illustration offering, providing over 30 illustration styles to choose from, in a wide variety of finishes and techniques – digital, mixed media, water colour, poster colour, pencils, acrylics, painterly, whimsical, graphic…


Clients from all across the world use our illustrations for children's books, greeting cards, print advertising, mascots & characters, promotional material, presentations, websites, blogs, newsletters, corporate communication, direct mail, packaging… 


      We have a winning methodology, perfected over the years with clients all across the world.

  • Once you make contact, you can look through our style samples and decide on the style for the illustrations.

  • You can then send us a brief. The brief should include the manuscript as well as a description of the illustrations + any references for specific places and characters. The descriptions help us to see what you are seeing - so we can all be on the same page.

  • We respond with a quote and you make a deposit payment. Once the deposit is in, we being work on the rough pencils.

  • We send you the rough pencils and once the pencils are approved, we proceed to the colouring stage.

  • Once the illustrations are coloured, we send you the low res files to preview. On approval, you make the final payment.

  • At this stage, we can either send you the final high res files in the required formats or...

  • We can take your illustrations through our pre-publishing services and make a print ready artwork - based on the templates supplied by your printer - that you can then get printed with a printer of your choice!! The pre-publishing services will be charged at actuals - depending on the size, number of pages and type of book.

Winning Process


  • Our top-notch world-class quality

  • Our wonderfully reasonable pricing

  • Our 30 years in advertising, web design and multimedia give us the experience and expertise to understand the brief at one go and deliver just the right illustration.

  • Our wide variety offers plenty to choose from, giving you the leeway to pick from different styles to suit the product, brand, target audience, medium and more.

  • Our resources see to it that you get your illustrations on time, every time.

  • Our web presence lets you involve your clients in the loop, if required.

  • Our process model is extremely scalable and we can expand to fit any client’s needs. 


  • Over 30 different styles to choose from

  • Complete understanding of various cultural and geographic nuances

  • Over 40 years of industry experience between key people at the helm

  • A wide variety of finishes and techniques and styles to be used across
    a wide variety of media – you don’t need to look at a whole lot of
    illustration studios to meet the varied needs of your numerous projects

  • Winning methodology perfected over years of working with clients all
    across the world

  • Delivery of files in varied and various formats

  • Good understanding of printing and production process – files come
    print ready.

  • Good understanding of specials & features - pop ups, die cuts,
    board books, sticker books, UV, foiling, embossing...


Go ahead.
Experience a world of sheer illustration wizardry. A world where you get the advantages of experience, expertise, variety, quality and price! 

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